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Izan Cramer + Baco (Moog Club)

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Room  1: Moog
Izan Cramer + Baco (Moog Club)

Izan Cramer

Izan has been linked since childhood to electronic music and especially to techno. Already in his first decade of life he began to be interested in mixing and creating rhythms although it was not until later, at 13 years old, when he had his first contact with the public of a club. Technically and musically more mature after having been part of the raver scene, he decides to create KRNL… What started as a radio program quickly ceased to be and Izan and the characteristic Kraneal sound were organizing and sharing shows with artists such as Ben Sims, Eric Sneo, Chris Liberator, Flug… Among many more in respected rooms like Florida135, Hivernacle, Reset Club, etc.



+ Baco (Moog Club)

San Cristóbal (Venezuela) is the hometown of William Arias A.K.A. Baco, in 2008 began his career in the world of music as a concert promoter. It was in 2011 when he started his journey as a musician and promoter of electronic parties under the name Baila!, motivated by the most avant-garde children. In 2012 he made his debut as a disc jockey under the pseudonym “laborrachadomingez”, playing a set of children that ranged from electro to tribal house. Their sets kept changing, moving from electro to more avant-garde Latin electronic sounds. With these changes and the countless parties he had organized, Baco gained in popularity and made a name for himself in the electronic scene of his city.
In 2015 he changed his profile and pseudonym to BACO, with the aim of cultivating his love for techno raver. With this name, he has made a career since 2018 at the legendary Moog club in Barcelona, where he is currently part of the group of resident DJs.
Since 2018, he has also been able to revive his more joyful side with “laborrachadominguez” in the VillaRosa del Moog room, in which every month, with the Baila! parties, he offers a different touch of this legendary space.

Carrer de l'Arc del Teatre, 3, 08002 Barcelona
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