Raúl Parra + Mota (Moog Club) - Moog
Room  1: Moog

Raúl Parra + Mota (Moog Club)

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Room  1: Moog
Raúl Parra + Mota (Moog Club)

Raul Parra

Multidisciplinary artist who started performing as a DJ in 1997 at just 14 years old, spinning records at the best venues nationwide, mastering sessions on 3 and 4 decks, and several times being hailed as the youngest breakthrough artist in the national scene. Since then, they have never stopped surprising audiences with energetic sessions spanning from cutting-edge Techno to gritty Electro Techno, EBM, and Industrial. We can hear their music on labels such as AFU limited, Unknown Pleasures, I-Traxx Recordings…


+ Mota (Moog Club)

Carlos Mota, a young DJ and producer from Barcelona, better known by his alter ego Dark-307, leads a life dedicated to music and vinyl. Mota is characterized by his elegant, dark, and deep sounds, making his sets full of catchy and danceable rhythms, with an elegance that few can achieve. He navigates a world where the coldest sounds blend with dark variables and welcoming patterns. Melodies and broken beats take center stage in many of his shows. Behind his sessions, there are stories that he wants to enchant us with, immersing us in his deepest thoughts and revealing his most personal feelings towards music.


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Carrer de l'Arc del Teatre, 3, 08002 Barcelona
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