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DCM (Dissident Music) + Mota (Moog Club)

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Room  1: Moog
DCM (Dissident Music) + Mota (Moog Club)

DCM (Dissident Music)

DCM is the stage name of Diego Cervantes, Andalusian DJ and producer based in Barcelona. Behind this acronym is a 29-year-old, self-described maniac for sound in its different aspects. So much so, that this led him to delve deeper into the field of acoustic engineering, a sector to which he is currently engaged. Thanks to this passion, since he entered the world of dj, he was able to stand out by breaking through in the different cities he has passed through (Seville, Granada and Madrid), getting to share the booth with a multitude of international artists (Oscar Mulero, SleepArchive , Adriana López, Headless Horseman, Quelza, Kastil…) As a producer, in his beginnings he developed his sound in a purely digital environment, paying much attention to each of the concepts, and how they relate to each other. This helped him develop very specific production techniques as well as a very precise criterion when mixing those sounds. In his short career, he has placed his music on different labels such as Signal Records, PostDynamic, Rekktor Music, or DarkForest (to name a few) receiving a very good response from the labels and in terms of feedback. After years playing the music of other composers, and many more producing their own pieces, at the beginning of 2022 he decided to launch his own label, “Dissident Music”. The launch of his own label has allowed DCM to develop with total freedom his way of understand electronic music, giving shape to a very personalized sound.


+ Mota (Moog Club)

Carlos Mota, young DJ and producer from Barcelona, ​​better known by his alter ego Dark-307, leads a life dedicated to music and vinyl. Mota is characterized by his elegant, dark and deep sounds, thus achieving that his sets are full of catchy, danceable rhythms and with this point of elegance within the reach of very few. It oscillates between a world where the coldest sounds join hands with dark variables and cozy patterns. Melodies and breaks are protagonists in many of his shows. Behind his sessions we find stories with which he wants to enchant us, delving into his deepest thoughts and showing us his most personal feelings towards music.

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