Black Koko + F.ucking B.itch + Baco (Moog Club) - Moog
Room  1: Moog

Black Koko + F.ucking B.itch + Baco (Moog Club)

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Room  1: Moog
Black Koko + F.ucking B.itch + Baco (Moog Club)

Black Koko

Born in Barcelona, at just 15 years old he secured his first residency where he learned to love, understand, and discover music; a fundamental base for his professional development, from his deep Black music roots to his current Techno (R/D/H) sound, from VINYL to players and other digital formats, demonstrating his versatility. Music collector, selector, DJ, producer, explorer, diver, agitator, and reader of Underground Club tracks, restless soul, chameleonic artist due to his extensive career in Spain, especially in Catalonia and the Balearic Islands. Techno (Raw/ Deep/ Hypnotic) and Melodic Techno are his hallmarks. He avoids labels because he believes in and advocates for musical fusion, which is a continuous evolution. He adapts to every medium and currently offers clear, forceful, enveloping rhythms while seeking continuous musicality, harmony, and an energetic connection that uniquely links with the dance floor and audience in all his performances. He has cultivated a delicate technique, skill, accompanied by fun that he transmits and empathizes with the audience. Currently, he is co-owner of the record label SBK101 Music, Monthly Resident of No Name No Address. Additionally, he has performed in the main Rooms and Clubs of Barcelona such as: Input, ClubHaus, La Terrrazza (5 years RRResident), El Molino, Room Fm, R33, Purobeach, Under, City Hall, Warehouse, Macarena, Tecnológica Night, Astra Space Travel, Come Closer, Café del Mar, M7, Chalet Bcn, Frame, Jamboree, Sala Bikini, among others. In the Balearics, he has been a resident at Jazzbah Club, Cova d’en Xoroi (Menorca), Estels Morning, Limoo Club, visiting various places including Space Menorca. He was also a collaborator and broadcaster of musical content on the SER Menorca network. He was a collaborator of WICKED7 LONDON MANAGEMENT, for Italy, the United Kingdom, and Spain, his sets are played on the radio space of this Agency on Ibiza Live Radio. With them, he has also visited countries like Italy, the United Kingdom, and Spain.


+ F.ucking B.itch F.ucking B.itch is synonymous with irreverent sounds, activism, and using music as catharsis. Multifaceted since childhood, she draws from a rich musical culture, sputnik, and video club. Her musical curiosity defines her as; PANMUSICAL. In 2016, she began collaborating with Radio Duba 101 FM in various live music programs, techno, rock, punk, etc., until the station closed. In 2018, she registered “TECHNOFUCKERS” as a brand and began her journey. She performs at Sala Sidecar, where she holds a residency in a monthly party, pro-women and feminism, under the name Elektro Purpirina. She performed at Macarena Club during her brief stint with the FemnØise label. Her unique style has left its mark in different cities, including Barcelona, Tarragona, Girona, Valencia, and Ibiza. Her playlist is very extensive; this open and unprejudiced relationship with music leads her to create her sets without fear of mixing all kinds of genres, achieving a dynamic fusion that connects her with the audience from start to finish.


+ Baco (Moog Club)

San Cristóbal (Venezuela) is the hometown of William Arias A.K.A. Baco, where in 2008 he started his career in the world of music as a concert promoter. It was in 2011 when he started his journey as a musician and promoter of electronic parties under the name Baila!, motivated by the most avant-garde sounds. In 2012 he debuted as a disc jockey under the pseudonym “laborrachadomingez”, playing a set of sounds that ranged from electro to tribal house. Their sets kept changing, moving from electro to more avant-garde Latin electronic sounds. With these changes and the countless parties he had organized, Baco gained in popularity and made a name for himself in the electronic scene of his city.
In 2015 he changed his profile and pseudonym to BACO, with the aim of cultivating his love for more raver techno. With this name, he has made a career since 2018 at the legendary Moog club in Barcelona, ​​where he is currently part of the group of resident DJs.


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