Cerrot (трип Recordings, BCN) + Uroz (Moog Club) - Moog
Room  1: Moog

Cerrot (трип Recordings, BCN) + Uroz (Moog Club)

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Thursday 11, August 2022
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Room  1: Moog
Cerrot (трип Recordings, BCN) + Uroz (Moog Club)

Cerrot (трип Recordings, BCN)


Cerrot is an electronic music producer, DJ and live performer born and raised in San Juan, Puerto Rico and now living in Barcelona. In 2017 he graduated from Full Sail University, where he studied recording arts (audio engineering). At that time he was making minimalist music which led to the release of his first album on vinyl (Proclamasio) with remixes by Cristi Cons and Maher Daniel. In a couple of years, his sound started to turn into faster and experimental music, in the background he still had his minimalist roots. This led him to the development of his own sound, composed by a fast, energetic, raw and uncluttered style. Later he released music to Nina Kraviz’s Trip recordings (hot steel and hot steel 2) and later, in February 2022, he released his debut solo LP on the road with 11 tracks (iteritax).

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Uroz may be a supercool resident DJ at Barcelona’s Moog but he works techno like a Swiss craftsman in search of a clock with a 4/4 time signature and hands that never run slow despite the passing years. There are people we can call a thoroughbred DJs – artists “born to the beat,” who know how to interpret what is happening in every corner of the room and have no doubt about which way to go to keep the audience moving together in the same direction. Uroz is one of these. His techno, distilled through experience and built up strongly by the demanding daily rhythm of working a resident, fits into a panorama that covers all kinds of music: indie, acid house, EBM, post-punk, the other kind of electronica and even the dub version of the B-side of some forgettable record. Because a DJ does not live by techno alone, although the rest of us would happily live off the propositions he keeps in that suitcase of his.

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